Form & Frequencies

Baku, Azerbaijan (2023) – Read more…

This is a registration of one of my latest performances at Salaam Cinema in Baku, Azerbaijan. I use a technique called ‘Vector Synthesis’, which in layman’s terms means that I make shapes with sound waves. With this technique, what you see is exactly what you hear. You can consider this to be on the experimental side of ambient music and audio-visual performances.


Amsterdam, Netherlands (2021) – Read more…

Cornucopia is a generative and interactive audio-visual installation created for MACA (Moving Arts Centre Amsterdam) and shown at Museumnacht 2021. It is designed as an ecosystem like Earth’s own ecosystem: self-sustaining whilst influenceable.

Cornucopia was a collaborative project together with Daan Bothof

Waakhond – In Een Droom

Videoclip (2021) – Read more…

Together with artist Waakhond I made the videoclip for one of his debut EP songs. Mostly present in the second half of the videoclip, you can see a special effect that breaks up the image into analog scan lines. This is a special technique called ‘scan processing’, for which I built an analog synthesizer after the models and theory of the Rutt-Etra Scan Processor.

Waahkond – Niemands Schuld

Stage Projections (2021) – Read more…

Like the In Een Droom videoclip, these are also visuals for one of Waakhond’s songs, made with my self-built analog scan processor. The brain video’s you see in this video are recordings of my own brain from a CT scan. This video was projected on stage during Waakhond’s EP release. Scan processing and custom synthesizer by me, edit by Waakhond.